Santorini Wedding Fireworks

Aerial Fireworks

First of all Santorini Wedding Fireworks will create magical moments ! The sky will Rain with colourful stars that illuminate simultaneously for a long time. The stars will be colourful and amazing ! All fireworks packages will be over 49 Shots and duration more than 40 seconds. Your budget is not a problem as we have a variety of options starting from 49 shots. If you like to see the air full of Fireworks we also offer packages till 5 minutes.

– 49 shots around 40-50 seconds
– 79 shots around 60-70 seconds
– 98 shots around 80-90 seconds
– 150 shots around 120-150 seconds
– Combination of the above

santorini aerial fireworks

Ground Fireworks

Ground Fireworks create an extremely unique effect which can transform your moments into magic ! You can add Ground Fireworks to all our Sound and Lighting Packages or even book seperately. We offer many different Packages. Contact us through our contact form for more information.

– 2 ground fireworks
– 4 ground fireworks
– 8 ground fireworks
– 8 Pool Ground Fireworks

santorini ground fireworks

If we combine Ground Fireworks with Dry Ice Machine for your First Dance we will have the effect of the above picture.