DJ Santorini Videos

First of all we offer Luxury Wedding DJ services in Santorini. We serve guests from United Kingdom and United States. Furthermore Guests come from Australia,Europe and all over the world ! Furthermore in this page you can find santorini wedding dj Videos of previous weddings.

Video Review!

Furthermore the following videos contain scenes of Guests dancing. All of your requests are played and if you ask us we can film them and send them to you after the event. An example is the video you see below with a surprise flashdance.


In Greece tradition is very important. We offer 4 greek dancers boys and girls. They will entertain your Guests and lead the dance. Greek Dancers will perform for around 45 minutes. You will have the chance to dance many greek traditional songs. We always end the performance with the famous song “Syrtaki-Zorbas”.

Photography and Video are a very important element of a dream wedding. We synergize with external professionals. Therefore we are able suggest the best Photographer in the island. Finally we would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Additionaly we have many videos in our Social media channels. As a result our Videographer films Videos with Guests dancing and the best parts of the wedding party. Furthermore our team films santorini wedding dj videos with ground and aerial fireworks. Therefore you can find more videos of santorini wedding dj parties in our Facebook Page.  Contact us for new bookings. We have availibility for 2019, 2020 and 2021 weddings! 

In the following videoa nice couple is displayed dancing their first dance.


Due to our external synergies we offer a wide range of musicians. There are many options offered such as Piano and Singer, Guitar and Singer. The Live Harpist will spread magic to your moments. Finally we synergize with bands. Our Santorini Bands will sing playlists of your choosing. They can support all the music genres. Feel free to contact us and submit your requests. In the following videos you can enjoy our Santorini Bands.