Santorini Wedding Services


Contact us to get a detailed quote based on santorini wedding services you need. Additionaly we accept services on your demand so your Wedding Party will be Unique. Furthermore we can add or extract services from your starting quote to meet your budget. Besides you can choose the hours you want for each of our professionals to perform live. See below some of our Luxury Santorini Wedding Services offered :

  • Wedding Reception Booking for your Party with Santorini Wedding Dj
    In case you need assistance with the booking of the wedding reception contact us. We synergize with the best wedding planners in Santorini. After the wedding reception is booked we can proceed with booking DJ in Santorini & Full Sound Equipment with top-notch Loudspeakers. Furthermore your Event will be magical with our Sophisticated Lighting and Special Effects. We will assist you before the event with pre wedding meeting with wedding planner at the venue.
  • Photographer,Videographer,Aerial Drone
    First of all we offer free of charge 2 videos (2 minutes duration each) of special happenings from ceremony and party. The Videos are filmed by our Professional Videographer.


  • DJ and Dancefloor Lighting
  • Decoration Lighting with Fairy Lights
  • Fog and Smoke Machines (special effect not real smoke)
  • Aerial and Ground Fireworks
  • Live Greek Band,Jazz Band,Pop Band
  • Live Saxophonist
  • Greek Dancers
  • Live Guitar and Singer
  • Harpist
  • Live Violinist
  • Live Piano and Singer
  • Initial Letters


  • We offer a variety of Luxury Wedding Cars
  • Hair and Make up Artist
  • Tents for Sun for weddings till 80 people

We offer various Dj Services all over Greece :

  • Wedding Ceremony with santorini dj,mykonos dj,greece wedding dj
  • Wedding Reception Party with santorini dj,mykonos dj,greece wedding dj
  • Engagement Party with santorini dj,mykonos dj,greece wedding dj
  • Bachelor Party in your luxury villa with santorini dj (Billionaires)
  • Elopement party with santorini dj
  • Pre Wedding Party with santorini dj,mykonos dj,greece wedding dj
  • After Wedding Party with santorini dj,mykonos dj,greece wedding dj
  • Baptism with santorini dj,mykonos dj,greece wedding dj
  • Wedding Vows Renewal Party with santorini dj,mykonos dj,greece wedding dj
  • Birthday Party

We accept bookings for events and weddings till 2021 all over Greece ! Additionaly we accept orders of Sound, Lighting and Stage Equipment on your demand.

Just send us photos you like and we will make your Dream come true ! In case you have booked a DJ we rent our Equipment. Transportation and installment is completed by our Team. Finally Guests can play songs from their phones using advanced technology.

Santorini Wedding Services

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  1. We were very satisfied by the services of Santorini Wedding Dj. We booked the reception,catering and party and everything was fine !

  2. Hello,

    Hope you’re well.

    Could you please send me your pricing structure for 2024. We are in search of a good DJ for our wedding in June next year and would like to know your cost structure and availability.

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