Lightning and Effects

We provide a variety of Light Choices for your Unique Event:

  • Fairy Lights
    santorini fairy lights
  • Edison Lights
    santorini edison_lights
  • String Lights
    santorini string lights
  • Pool and Garden Lightning
    santorini pool lights
    garden lights santorini
  • Solar Lantern Lights
    Santorini Solar Lantern Lights
  • Chandelier
    santorini chandelier

All the above services can be combined. Send us using the contact form which of the above Lights you would like to add. In all our Sound Equipment Packages we provide free of charge lights for DanceFloor such as moving robotic heads in the picture below. We also can add to your package Cannon Lights, Laser, Discoball, Uplightning and a White Light which lights the couple for your First Dance. All these lights will create an extraordinary effect in your Dancefloor !

santorini robotic lights